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When Governor DeWine vetoed H.B. 68 he launched an act of war against his own party. We sent a warning before the Governor's veto and stated the following,  "If Governor DeWine vetoes this bill, he will have committed an act of war politically against the conservatives of his own party. His administration will be stamped with LIBERAL and all Republicans, both statewide and in the Ohio House and Ohio Senate will have to make a statement distancing themselves from the Governor. 2024 will be a hot political year with the Primaries in March and with the General Election. Conservatives are angry and it is understandable. We need to put that anger to action politically aggressively in the Primaries and in the General Election of 2024. There is no room for cowardice when the stakes are so high."


This statement was made just prior to the Governor DeWine's veto and it is exactly what has happened in the aftermath of his veto of H.B. 68, the Ohio SAFE Act, common sense legislation that protects minors from hormone-blocking drugs and sexual surgical mutilation. It also prohibits biological males from competing in girls' and women's sports. Sixty-five Republicans in the Ohio House and 23 Republicans in the Ohio Senate voted to override the Governor's veto. Every statewide Republican officeholder issued statements distancing themselves from the Governor because of his veto of H.B. 68. With the Senate's action today, the Ohio SAFE Act, H.B. 68 will become law in 90 days. Seventy percent of Ohioans support this legislation. The Governor and the radical left are out of step with Ohioans on this issue.

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